Friday, June 15, 2012


Pathtime... oh snap. That should be pastime.

Is it just me, or do I sound like I have a lisp?

It's Words With Friends time.

I recently started playing via facebook and now I can't spell anything.  I can't pronounce anything properly, and I submit some words that are surely not words and it turns out they are.  I have absolutely no idea what they mean.  None.

I have found that my husband is a genius at it.  Despicably so.  Almost to where I might never play with him again.  Interestingly enough, when we play Scrabble I can kick his trash... well most of the time.  He kills me in Words With Friends.

What have we learned?  If David doesn't have an eternity to think about it, I'll win every time.


  1. I have yet to succumb to words with friends. But I fear the day is looming...and I will feel stupid. The end.

    1. Um yeah. There is definitely a stupid thing going on! My current score with David is almost embarassing. I'm 200 and he's almost at 400. I take solace in the fact that I can kick his trash and really skillfull games like Connect Four and Go Fish. You know, the important ones.

    2. That MAY be why I always want to play Gin and not, say, my favorite. Boggle. Because it's just embarrassing...

    3. We just found Big Boggle, which is so.much.better. I can lose at a higher rate!

    4. Big Boggle? Like does it have more letters or just bigger in size?

    5. It's a five by five grid. And is the one I grew up playing. They discontinued it in the 80s and you could only find it on Amazon for over $100. Last summer, though, Book Table started carrying it and there was MUCH rejoicing!

    6. Nice! I may have to come over and see that. :)