Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I can't throw a live plant out even if I hate it. It usually works best if someone else does the dirty work for me. In fact I would rather commit "accidental" murder and let it freeze outside while "getting sun" than throw it out healthy and alive.

2. I use the same alarm clock I used during high school complete with melted button from where I put a curling iron on it. Still works!

3. I am going to learn how to knit, my first lesson is tonight!

4. I have recently developed a fetish for earrings. I don't know how it happened. During my mission and several years after I had the same pair of silver "balls" in my ears, as in they never left my ears. Now I don't even know where they are. I have big dangly things that David is still shocked about.

5. My favorite holiday is Christmas followed closely by Halloween.

6. I hate shrimp. It's like eating dead fingers.

7. I never really learned how to swim even though I took swimming lessons as a child. I can do the dead man's float really well though.

8. I like to scrapbook, though you wouldn't know it because the urge only comes once or twice a year. I have to take advantage of it.

9. I HATE cleaning the bathroom. David is kind enough to do it for me.

10. I have several pairs of socks with sentimental value.. sigh.

11. I have two screws in my ring finger.

12. I keep my toenails painted all the time, even in the winter when no one sees.

13. My favorite scent in candle or spray form is Pear.

14. I am allergic to Clover Club BBQ potato chips.

15. I threw up after my first kiss. It was my 16th birthday.

16. I prefer to make my own birthday cake cause then I get exactly what I want.

17. I can read books while running on a treadmill. (It's more difficult when running on the street)

18. I buy my own toothpaste cause I don't like David's choice.

19. I am a cat and a dog person (go figure!)

20. Even though swimsuits are not my friend, my vacation spot of choice will always include a beach.

21. I once cut off a mole on my arm with a pair of fingernail clippers.

22. I hate it when other people try to "organize me" or my stuff or anything else. No touchy.

23. I don't share food unless it is my idea.

24. I like to exercise by myself.

25. Last but not least, I actually like the snow even though I seem to hate it at times.


  1. I just gagged reading #21 ewwwww

  2. Clearly I should have read your blog and #3 would have, uh, enlightened me!

    And Isaac wants clarification on the kiss...is that what made you sick or was that just coincidental?

  3. I'm pretty sure it was the actual act of kissing that made me ill. Says something about the guy huh!

  4. #1- that's why the plant fairy visits

    #2- i would still be using the same alarm clock since 8th grade, but some thug in ukraine thought it was a wallet and stole it. so i came back to the states and bought an exact replica.

  5. I like you cause you're honest.

  6. Seriously you make me giggle! Dead fingers... LoL! OH and good luck with #3 I tried to teach myself and got mad and threw the needles across the room... lol.. thankgoodness I like to dabble in new things when everyone is in bed! So I stick with my good ol' crochet hook! :)