Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come philosophize with me

Why am I such a glutton for punishment?!

You know those people that you used to hang around with that were so dang much fun. You laughed, you cried, then you went your separate ways. Life takes it's twists and turns and you find yourself in different paths, and quite happy with it too. Then life twists your way again and you come face to face with a opportunity to renew a friendship. Only you're not really sure if you want to.

It's the rose-colored glasses scenario. You look back at those memories with fondness, initially. Then as you dwell on the past you realize that perhaps said past wasn't as rosy as you prefer to remember. In fact, if you are completely and brutally honest with yourself, a lot of those times really sucked rocks. Like that one time when everyone was invited to dinner but you. Or that other time when you are conveniently left out of the end result of your own "hey we should all get together for dinner sometime" idea. It's then that you begin to question if any of it was real or if you were simply a "friend" because you happened to be breathing and in close proximity at the time. A friend by default.

Well, it's time to take a stand... right? Why get it touch with people that just do the same thing as before? Invite you over and then leave because they got a better offer at the last minute. Friends?? I don't think so. More like a reminder of a semi-painful past. Who needs it?

Real friends are those you keep in touch with and mean it. No smoke blown. Whether you get in contact daily, weekly, or yearly, doesn't matter so much as the sincerity.


  1. I say Keep the friends that know deep dark stories about you and bats around...... heee heee heee! :) Let the other ones go!

  2. Amen, sister! I've recently taken a hard look at this (due to Facebook...everything lately is due to facebook evil!).

  3. Lora.... I have always loved you because you are so brutally honest! :) I think that me and you both got left out of those dinners and need to have a dinner of our own! I whole heartedly believe that your last sentence says it all! I do think that friend can come in and out of ones life but the really true ones will be there forever even if you don't see them or get to talk as much as you would like! I hope ya know I love ya Hub! :)

  4. See! I knew you all were my friends! Bats included! and amazingly enough, this too was inspired by facebook!