Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't worry, I can blackmail myself. Part 1

So, moving always presents itself with it's ups and downs. The downs are that you have to pack up your life and move it to a new location. The ups are that you get a chance to remember your life... for better or for worse.

As I was going through a box that I have hauled around since High School, I stumbled upon a variety of items that made me laugh right out loud! I feel the need to share.

First. One of my favorite things about going to my Grandma's house was sneaking into her room and playing with her grandma jewelry. The chunky beads and gaudy earrings were just so dang fun. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to make a collection of my own. I was going to keep those items of jewelry that I had outgrown but my kids and grand kids would be sure to love. I kept them in a Noxema box of all things. I have literally hauled it around for years and just today I decided to open it up and see what treasures I had vowed to pass on to my posterity.... oh my.

I give to you the single earring that used to be a set. Why on earth I kept them... My favorite it is the 2nd half of the "best friends" earring. I'm pretty sure that Ed had the first half.

Next come proof of my once-upon-a-long-time-ago infatuation with dragons. Sorry it's a little blurry, couldn't get it any better in current conditions. I used to wear it with a purple shirt. This one actually did come from my Grandma! Shazaam!
Did I ever tell you I had a rock tumbler? I got it for Christmas one year. No one knew that the stupid thing had to run for months on end in order for it to work. My parents regretted it the moment I took it out of the box. I only made it one round myself. I honestly don't remember this one, but I must have kept it for the many beautiful colors that my kids were sure to love! And who can forget the friendship bracelets handmade in the comfort of Mr. Washburn's arts and crafts class. And my all time favorite laugh out loud collection. Each one is slightly smaller than the palm of my hand and made of plastic. I can hardly find the words. It was these gems that made me laugh the hardest,


  1. Can't breathe I'm laughing so hard! That was a FANCY friendship bracelet. FANCY!

  2. I'm so glad I could make your day! i still laugh when I look it's just so... so... truly, words can't describe. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Does this have anything to do with David's comment,"I don't know who my wife is anymore since she started wearing dangled earings!"

  4. Haha... I so remember your dragon necklace! Flashbacks and fun memories! I can also hear big hair bands in the background! I am there with ya on the lone earrings... I have the same issue with letting them go too... lol.. I am glad that I am not the only one HeHeHe! :)