Monday, April 6, 2009

Death of a...

My hair dryer died today. I feel it appropriate to have taps in the imaginary background for this. It has been a part of my life for at least 6 years now. I had no idea it was old and close to death, it just happened so suddenly. One minute I was drying my hair happily with the steady whir of the faithful hair-dryer motor (Do hair-dryer's have motors? Weird.) when it happened. The steadiness wasn't so steady. It began to come on and off much like a bad cell-phone connection or a bad analogy. Then it went into the death rattle. It sputtered, gave an extended dying breath and stopped. It's little blue digital display will never light up my mornings again.

A moment of silence please...

But alas, one cannot get too emotional over inanimate objects. And most importantly one cannot go on with wet hair! No time for mourning, a replacement has been procured.

As silly as it is, a picture seems appropriate.


  1. My hair dryer I had since high school finally died when Isaac & I lived in Portland. It was a sad day...

  2. It's funny how betrayed I had felt! Didn't i clean the lint? Didn't I pack it nicely away after each use! And this is the thanks I get. Oh well!

  3. Was it cathartic? Look at me try to be funn!

  4. Betrayal is a perfect word for the death of a hair dryer.... that is until I got my new one home and used it... amazing what a new hair dryer can do for the hair. (mine died last month)

  5. Whenever my curling iron goes out, I can never find the same size again.
    It takes me weeks to get used to another one. I'm getting to the age where I am wondering why I care if my hair gets curled or not. Women who don't have to curl their hair are so lucky.