Thursday, April 2, 2009


So this week has been BUSY! I had no idea! I feel a bit like I've run a marathon without training for it. If that were true I would be a pile of jello that hurt in places I had no idea existed until now. And I would be missing toenails because of course my shoes would be too tight.

That's what life has been lately. My work has taken me places that I had no idea existed for me. Marketing, web design (as far as the strict guidelines of the University allow... which are incredibly stupid by the way) advertising. It's just a lot for the ol' brain to wrap itself around right now and consequently there is a gelatinous feel to it I'm sure.

Take today for instance, I spent entirely too much time just trying to get the Catering logo on the website today. It was ridiculous! I thought about throwing my computer out the window but they are made with reinforced, fire-safe glass. It would have bounced back, landed on my foot, and crushed the tiny bones. Therefore, I didn't throw it but only because I hoped to walk out someday with a little dignity left. But boy did I feel like it.

I also felt like getting stamp that said "Stupid" and stamping people's foreheads with it. I would start with mine just so I could have a visible disclaimer to explain my actions. You have to admit that would be pretty funny to do. Mostly in jest, some in all the seriousness that I am capable of.

I can only hope that as Friday wraps up tomorrow, respite will be on the horizon bringing a much needed rest. I am looking forward to General Conference quite a bit this time around. Several reasons. First, you can't beat church in your pajamas. Second, I'll be getting in some serious knitting time. Third... well really you just can't beat church in pajamas which also has the accompanying "I get to get out of bed whenever I want and since the television is in the next room turn up the volume please" aspect.

Life is looking better already!

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  1. You leave me laughin, my dear. What a great idea (the stamp, not the computer out the window in a vain attempt to scare the frustration out of you and the person you hit if it were able to go OUT the window.)