Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't worry, I can blackmail myself part 3

I just had to. This was part of my "group" of friends in high school. From left to right: Leslie, me, LaDawn, and Tonya. As you can see we were rather dateless, but boy we sure did have fun on our own. Which leads into another story.

My friends and I may not have been 'bells of the ball' so to speak, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good time. In fact we spent quite a bit of time on the dance floor. We did a substantial amout of head banging and jumping (Jump! Jump! Jump!) One of the favorite things to do was grab hands and swing around in a circle as fast as we could.

So one time, we were at the dance on Fair weekend. It was in the gymn at the Elementary school. I can still feel the squeaky floor underneath my feet. There was a boy there that I was just ga ga over. He sold t-shirts at one of the stands, "Button Your Fly". (You know as well as I that all teenagers have brain damage and an extreme lack of taste in the opposite sex. I was no exception.) His name was Kimber. He said I looked like the singer from the B-52's. He called me his B-52 girl. I was head over heels, for the moment at least. He also thought I was 17.
I was 15.

Anyway, we (Tonya, Leslie, and I) were on the dance floor, doing our signature hold hands and spin move (cause that's way appealing to the opposite sex??) when I was released from their grip. I flew out of the spin and did a backwards summer-salt into the corner speaker. I was mortified!!... but not unused to making a fool of myself at the most inopportune times. My face went glow-in-the-dark red, I stood up, took a bow and sat down.

Yep, those were good times.


  1. That was too funny!! What a trip down memory lane!! Ode to the days of our youth. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pant rolls. hahaha Who can forget those!!!! :o)

  2. Oh, man these are priceless...

  3. Now I'm sad I missed that dance!

  4. I seriously get the biggest kick out of these!! We all though we were so cool! So stylish.. I guess it could be worse.

  5. This picture included at least half of the highschool, right?

  6. So funny. it was totally like 1/4 alright.