Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's really sad when...

.... you have writers block for your own blog. It's not like I have a deadline or an editor. My income does not depend on it, but here it is nonetheless.

Have you ever seen "Little Women" with Winona Rider? Remember the part when they are going over their own self-made newspaper and Beth's article is a recipe? Anyone read my last entry...

I woke up this morning to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I immediately thought of "Wayne's World" and our adventures in Soda Springs Idaho as me, Sarah, Tonya, Leslie, Lisa, and Angie went to the Idan-ha theatre to see it. (Was LaDawn there? I don't remember... that was awhile ago.) I believe that was the trip that some Soda girls thought we were hitting on their boyfriends and followed us around so they could beat us up. We were in my parents suburban at the time and the windows were tinted. When we finally pulled over and rolled down the windows, they realized just how many people we were and they took flight. It's a good thing cause I don't know the first thing about beating someone up that isn't my sibling! ha!

I sometimes feel as if there is something magical about putting my life stories out there for the world to see. Like I'm no longer afraid of my past and I can look at it squarely in the face... at last. I'm not proud of some of the stuff I did in High School but it's part of me whether I like it or not. If I stare it in the face and let other people take a look as well, perhaps some of it will stop haunting me. Like those super embarassing moments that sneak up on you when you are content and happy with life. Those moments that pop into the back of your head and say "neiner neiner ha ha, you aren't that great. You shouldn't be nearly as relaxed as you are, remember this!" and then it snears at you all menacing-like. Yeah, I hate it when that happens.


  1. check out by blog by following my link....since I don't like to post it publically....its not private though. :D Jess

  2. Me too, me too! I do that all the time. Yesterday, like three times! Nick thinks I'm crazy.