Sunday, May 3, 2009

My teenage son

Okay, so I really don't have a teenage son but sometimes I feel like I do.

My little brother Alex came to stay last weekend with us. I have been trying to get him to come and stay for awhile now. He graduated from High School last May and is trying to figure out what to do with life. That's why I wanted him to come and stay with me. Well, among other things.

It recently came to my attention that my little brother really was little when I was going through my stupidhood. When I graduated from High School he was 5 years old and thus blissfully unaware of my rebellious stage at the high and mighty age of 15-16ish. In fact, he was so blissfully unaware that when the local talent at the E-Z Way informed him otherwise, he was in shock and disbelief. I knew it was time to have some good one on one time and discuss life.

It was really quite fun. He came on Friday and stayed till Sunday afternoon. Since I was 14 when he was born, I spent a lot of time watching him grow up, hence the teenage son feeling. In fact when he was just a baby, mom would put me on Alex duty. I loved putting him down for a nap. I would lay his little head on my shoulder and lay down on the couch with him and we'd both take a nap. It was a hard job I tell ya. I have pictures of him learning how to walk and the whole schpeal (sp??).

So now that he is learning to walk in a more life altering way, it's hard to sit by and just watch. I see him going through so much. Struggling to know what to do, to know who you are. Mission, school, work... so many possibilities. I just love him so dang much and want him to make the right decisions. Makes sitting and doing nothing really difficult. But like the rest of us stubborn Hubbard/Robbins women, you put your nose in my business and I'll show you how fast I can go the other way.

So, my job is to be supportive and slip those words of encouragement in when the opportunity presents itself. Just do the right thing will ya! I'm going nuts here!


  1. I remember when we took them to Bear Lake! They were so small then. Sad to see them grow up. Kinda makes you feel old.....

  2. Weren't they just little tikes! and yes, it does make me feel old.

  3. Yeah, I think they were like 3 and 5 or something like that. It was a fun trip though.