Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's talk about...

-Why I have a seemingly constant red mark on my forehead. Oh yeah, it's because I have inexplicably slipped back into that magic time when you start learning to do your own hair and as a consequence burn your forehead repeatedly while trying to do something with your bangs. WHY do I even have bangs!! Why do I have to try to do something with them? Oh yeah... because I have fuzz for hair. Seriously, I got up this morning, looked in the mirror and had the distinct impression of an overgrown q-tip having attached itself to my head during the night. Uh-huh. Scary.

- Why is it suddenly easier for me to keep "my room" clean? I actually put up my clothes now! And make the bed! Cool huh! Not that I didn't do it before, but it was always after a rather large pile of clothing had accumulated in the corner/my-side-of-the-bed part of the room. Perhaps it has something to do with an actual closet to put them in... huh. Or maybe the fact that if the door is open all you have to do is look down the hall to see the bedroom and the spot where my pile would accumulate if given the chance. Could it be that I have enough pride to at least give off the appearance of cleanliness? Hmm.

- David and I are watching the 4th season of Battlestar Galactica through Netflix. The last disc came today and it's all I can do to wait for David to come home so we can watch it together. It's a good thing we waited to watch it till school was out because I am positive I wouldn't have been able to wait till he got his homework done. I'm not even sure how badly I want food tonight... just instant gratification through television. I know... kind of sad. But I've accepted it about myself. You should too.

- Every time I drive into our little cul-de-sac I get jealous because my landlord won't let me plant flowers in his semi-drab flower beds. I'm sure it will look fine in a month, but.... The whole drive is lined with tulips and daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom adding life and color to the otherwise green world. Not that green isn't good enough after the brown of winter, but there's just nothing like flowers in the Spring to lift your spirits. Especially when it insists on raining so much. That's one thing that I miss about our little pink ivy cottage... the flower beds that I could fill/plant/dig/kill at will. Sigh...


  1. Oh, no! You can't plant flowers? Sad. So sad! But your cul-de-sac is pretty darn cute.

  2. Every time I drive in your cul-de-sac, I get jealous too! but not of the flowers...of the fabulous house you're renting for practically NOTHING! I want I want! LOL