Saturday, May 9, 2009

We're organized.. well kinda.

So, in an effort to not let this summer get away from us like we have every other summer, David and I have put together an online calendar of events. The link is conveniently located on the right sidebar of this blog! Cleverly named "Calendar of Events". I know, my creativity slays me too.

And what does this mean for you?? Well, first of all, there are lots of you that we want to get together with. So, rather than play email tag/facebook tag/ etc. just take a look at our calendar and let us know what and when you would like to do something with us. We really just needed to get the family things on so we knew what was going on. That's it. Nothing special. Just there.


  1. Hey - we're knitting on Tuesday? Isaac won't be home at you want to come over here?

  2. yea, so I'm a moron and forgot that Isaac's schedule had changed. What day works better for you and we'll change it.

  3. LOL! I hope it helps! Sorry to have missed you all weekend! If only I had looked at your blog!