Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Random

-At exactly what age do little boys start seeing every piece of paper as a potential paper airplane?

-The restroom at work has 4 stalls and 5 sinks.... Just who is sharing the stall?

-I miss the 6th ward. In fact, I sniffle a little just thinking about it.

-There's a sign on the paper towel holder at work that says "in case of emergency advance manually". What kind of emergency would require the use of paper towels?

-Never bring treats to Primary. They will expect them every Sunday.

-No matter how tightly the lid is on, the cooler will always leak.


  1. -So far, not 2 or 3.

    -Um, maybe someone's hands are really super dirty? The fifth is for back up incase the other four are clogged? Or you need a buffer between you and the next person?

    -I had a paper towel emergency this week, but I won't go into it...

    -NEVER. The same holds true for gospel doctrine!

    -how was the party yesterday?

  2. we miss you too. trust me...without you in choir---we have the papst family and the kemp family...sigh

    Papertowel emergencies:

    -no baby wipes and a poopie diaper with the darn paper towel despenser not working, you'd do just about anything.

    -baby threw up...nothing near by to clean with

    -baby threw up and you didn't notice until you were washing your hands in the bathroom and you glance into the mirror. This is especially terrible if the restroom only has hand dryers! Who wants to waste a tree to save their sanity?! ME!

  3. oh the good ole bathroom at work? same one where people take naps?