Monday, May 4, 2009


I have recently remembered a fetish I once had for flavored instant oatmeal. Weird huh!

I actually forgot that it had ever been a part of my life and on a whim, purchased the Western Family multi-pack of flavored oatmeal packets. (It was on sale) Thought it would make a quick breakfast/snack. Okay, seriously, who has oatmeal for a snack?

Anyway, I popped a bowl into the microwave (Cinnamon raisin) and sat down to eat. It was the smell of it all that reminded me that I used to eat this a lot. Memories of the mission field flooded my mind. In my first area, East St. Louis, Illinois, I had oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I remembered buying it at Shop N Save, and Aldi's (the store where you had to deposit a dollar in order to use the shopping cart... ghetto, but cheap!) Sister Sullivan was my trainer and this little farm girl had jumped into a whole new world. Those were good times. Not sure if I would repeat them, but I certainly wouldn't give them up.


  1. OH how I love reading your blog. You are GREAT! So, have you all decided on a weekend when you can come down and hang out with us?!?!?!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad someone reads it once in awhile! I'll chat with David and get the scheduled worked out so we can come and see you.

  3. Ironic that you use the words "cheap" when you had to pay a dollar to use a shopping cart. LOL

  4. It's true... the cheap part is that we never actually paid. you could take the boxes right off the shelf, empty the contents and use it in place of the shopping cart. Those were the days huh.