Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bow to the fertility gods!

As many of you know, yesterday was our first appointment with a fertility specialist in Sandy.  His name: Dr. Hatasaka.  David and I went through the entire appointment not sure of his name because we just didn't pay that close attention.  Felt a little silly when the nurse later asked what doctor we were seeing today and we said "Dr. Ha....?" "Hatasaka?" she replied.  "Yes, that's it" we said sheepishly.  Then immediately committed it to memory by thinking "Dr. Hot Socks!" Perfect.  As a result, you'll never forget either!

K, that was a lot of nothingness but I had fun.

***Warning*** this post will contain things that may make you uncomfortable if you are unable to handle the topic of reproduction or the inability to.

Verdict:  There are six tests to be done that are actually conclusive.
1.  Ovulation testers:  Home kits, lots of stick peeing.  Chart the results
2 and 3.  This is for David.  He gets to have another sperm count but not just to see if he's shooting blanks, he also gets the shape of his little swimmers tested.  That's right, the shape.  Apparenlty not all sperm are created equal.
4.  Ultrasound on my parts to see if they are shaped properly as well as lacking in scar tissue etc.
5 and 6. More blood tests to see if my "ovarian gas tank" is full or not.  Hate to be wasting all that effort if I'm empty.

After these tests are complete, then the doctor will have an idea of where to go from there and what track to take.  Overall David and I were pleased.  He's a very easy to talk to man with a sense of humor and comfortable manner.  And most of all he knows what he is talking about. 

I also liked the fact that since it was in fact an appointment for infertility I was spared the trip to the scale along with the blood pressure test.  It was just par for the course at the Women's Center and it wasn't until today that I realized they really only needed such vital information with each subsequent visit if you were in fact with child and therefore had a reason to be concerned about weight gain or the lack thereof.  It only made me feel fat for no reason.  Just one more reason to go to a specialist!

Info to pass along to others that may be walking in my shoes:  if you decide to go to a specialist, start tracking your ovulation now.  First day of the monthly visitor followed by the day the ovulation test shows the go ahead and then again with the period.  Dr. Hot Socks would like a couple of months worth just to see where I am.

So that's it for now.  Thank you all for your kind words of support.  Truly appreciated.


  1. My friend's husband has crooked sperm, so they only have a 7 percent chance of getting pregnant each month. Who would have thought?!

    I'm excited for you guys to be taking these steps!

  2. I got on today just to see if you had posted about this...I'm so glad you have! Hooray for docs that know what they are doing and don't make you uncomfortable with the process. It's so good to hear about your tests. How long does it take to have them all tested? I know the couple of months for the pee on sticks one, but when do you get to do the others? We love you so much, guys. good luck!

  3. The other tests should be done within a few weeks. Really the longest will be getting the blood results back, that's about a 3 week wait.

  4. I always shake my head at the amount of testing that needs to be done. But after years of doing said testing, I finally realize why. We did 'one last test' before we started the IUIs at the U of U and it FINALLY told us what was going on! His guys weren't attaching to my eggs. Not life threatening, but only currable through IVF. So, 3 1/2 years of testing FINALLY gave us the results, AND going to a fertility specialist was another huge factor..... REALLY a relief to have those answers. I'm SO excited you guys will find your answers too :) I miss you...... The meetings keep falling in the ONLY time I'm gone each month...

  5. We are pulling for you!! The prospect is so exciting. Keep us posted. We love you guys.

  6. You go girl!! I am excited to keep track of your ovulation, ha, ha!! You, David, and the "ovarian gas tank" will be in my prayers. I love you woman! Next time you come to Sandy to see Dr. Hot Socks call me, I would love to meet you for lunch, I am not too far away! I might have to bring the 3 ring circus with me but I am just a circus anyway!
    Luvs babe!
    - Gretchen

  7. Gretchen! Why did I think you were in California? Have I really been out of the loop? I have a tendency to do that sometimes. I would LOVE to get together next time we're down, including the 3 ring circus! I'll keep you posted.

    Shari: can't wait to get some answers at last! missed you at knitting by the way.. sigh. are you making it to next book club?

  8. You're not out of the loop, we just moved back to Utah about 3 months ago. We live in Alpine so I am only 25 minutes from Sandy.

  9. Sweet! I'm so excited, it's been years!! email me your phone number and I'll give you a call when we are going down next. yeah! it's nice to have other things than doctor's appointments to look forward to when headed south.

  10. Lora, I don't think I'll be able to make it to the next book club.... Dang it! I'm out of town ONLY the first of every month lately....