Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If I have to hear that one more time...!

I feel the need to do a little rant about a few things.  None of them are important, I just need to shout it out to the internet gods if for nothing else, to see where it lands and to make myself feel better.

1.  Co-worker:  "Are your people going to take care of that?"  What is this your people? My family?  My race? My religion?  It's my co-workers you say?  The ones that I have no authority over and never really felt possessive of in the first place? What is seperating my people from their people?  I tell you what!  It's that imaginary line that runs down the middle of the office just as sure as the the east is divided from the west, the north from the south, that allows one half of the office to play computer games all day while the other half actually earns the paycheck that is given.  That imaginary line that says my people have to do all the work that their people don't want to even though it's in their people's job description! Grr.  Argh.

2.  Yesterday I actually washed my car!  It sparkles.  So today after work I went to the parking lot and stood there.  Stumped.  Unable to find my car.  Head swiveling back and forth trying to recall the morning routine and hoping it would illuminate whether or not I parked on the first or the second level.  That's when I realized that my car was in front of me.  I just didn't recognize it in it's clean and sparkly state.  I'm pretty sure that deserves a sigh.  Collectively please.... thanks.

3.  On the drive home I couldn't help but wonder what possessed the woman driving the very large and expensive white SUV with gold trim to think it was a good idea to flip a U-turn in 5 o'clock traffic on a road that was clearly too narrow to be U-turn friendly and that just happened to be teeming with vehicles as the University workforce sought to make their way home?  Perhaps "just go around the block" hadn't been introduced into her vocabulary.

4.  I will never be the person that waits at the front of the line through the entire yellow light at a complete standstill watching the light turn red. I just won't.

The end.


  1. Hi, just had to tell you this reminds me of Douglas Adams' "it's not my problem" theory. If it isn't someones problem then it doesn't exist to them, so true isn't it.

  2. Yellow light----totally me! Sorry, I was taught to drive in another state that said, yellow does not mean speed up! In Utah we actually have to have a delay between the switching of red in one direction to green in the other because too many people run yellow lights. I find it to be hazardous! LOL too funny that it's so different for us.

    Too bad you actually pay 'those' people to do nothing. I know I could sure use the cash!

  3. So many comments so little time!