Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Perhaps you are wondering why I am posting a gas receipt. 
You may not know, but this receipt, yes this very receipt is a badge of mathematical prowess.
My husband is obsessed with getting the dollar amount on a gas receipt perfect.
Meaning he tries to get it to the nearest full dollar.

We shop at Macey's.

There's a 5 cent discount per gallon of gas.  Not 5 percent, 5 cents.
So David has to anticipate the discount based on the price of gas
while the pump shows full price.
He has a very dizzying intellect.
Just wait till he gets started!
(Name that movie!)

On July 23rd he achieved greatness.  It was brought to my attention with shouts of glee
and a smile like he'd just won first prize at the county fair.

It's the little things that make him happy.


  1. You are married to a Sicilian? Congratulations!

  2. We clearly should have toasted this last night...

  3. Nothing like being married to a nerd right. It keeps life exciting.

  4. Oh goodness. If had I ever know that this would be aired out in public, I ... well. I probably would have still acted the same, but that is beside the point.

    But now I have the excuse to air out all of Lora's dirty laundry. Oh... wait, she already does that her-self on this blog.

    Oh well. Yes I am a nerd, or Sicilian, or something or other. Alas, I accept the inevitable.

  5. Congrats JB on being the winner! Ha!

    There are perks with having a husband who pays attention to detail... the end.

  6. Either you married a weirdo or a genius lol.