Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Do you ever have those people that just suck the fun out of life?

Or tell you all the reasons why your great idea won't work instead of helping to bring it about?

Does there presence stifle your creativity or your ability to work?

Do happy thoughts flee in terror at the mention of their name?

Do you feel cold inside when even their shadow makes contact with you?

Are you you're own Dementor?

Do the world a favor, don't be the Dementor. Don't suck the life out of those around you and especially not out of yourself.  It just isn't worth it.

Words to live by my friends, words to live by.


  1. Sorry for bringing you down, dude... :)

  2. Whatever! So not you my friend, so not you.

  3. Are we knitting tomorrow? Or fake knitting?

  4. Fake Knitting? Is that like NeverFoods?

    Thanks for the words of wisdom dear friend. Today is one where they are much needed :)

  5. Fake knitting, more like knitting with out a cause or knitting with out needles, or knitting by virtue of this is what we said we'd get together for but really it's to pretend to knit, more to talk.

  6. I'm loving our unofficial tagline...

  7. I had to laugh really hard when I clicked on work and this post popped up

  8. I call them Fun Suckers and I don't like them.