Friday, August 13, 2010

The Drive

Lora: I’m in a really bad mood so you don’t want to mess with me right now.

David: Like how bad?

L: Like stop looking at me cause it makes me want to rip your head off, that’s how bad.

D: Oh.

L: Stop looking at me.

He laughs

I glare

He laughs more

I glare with a raised eyebrow.

D: Are you going to make me laugh the whole way to Salt Lake!?

Double glare with raised eyebrow and bugged out eyes.

Erupt in belly laughter.

I guess it’s good that David knows me so well.


  1. were you going down for the fertility stuff? is that why the mood?

    you guys crack me up lol

  2. Yep! More that I just didn't get enough sleep though. Ornery me!

  3. if all this fertility stuff works, or you get to adopt, just wait and see how tired you feel lol. i know you want to feel that tired and join the diaper brigade, as you said before. it really is a blessing! i'm not going to say, don't worry, it will all work out. i hated hearing that when i was single! but i will say i love you!

  4. Adam does the same thing to me! I'm ready to erupt over something not even connected to him, and he thinks it's funny to 'tease' me out of it :)

  5. If I'm edgy towards my husband... its because my nerves are raw.
    Why is that?

  6. on the way to SLC for the baby making appointment tests? eesh! I love hubbys that know us so well that we can say those things to and they can pull us out of our moods. good job david.

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    from claire