Thursday, August 26, 2010

Survey says...

There's nothing wrong!

Yep, you heard me correctly.  We met with Dr. Hatasaka today to review the test results of blood, timing, and every other little thing, and well, it seems we're just fine.  Which does nothing to explain the whole no child, no pregnancy, no person to feel guilty about putting us in the rest home when we finally lose it. 


Some would call this good news.  Others, myself really, would call it bad.  Although it's good in a way cause... well we know there's nothing wrong... k, so at least we can move on to...  Nope.  Still bad for me.  I was hoping that these tests would say "Hey Lora, here's the problem!  It's been here all along you just needed to do this."  Or "Oh, now I see it.  Clearly there's nothing to do now but this.

Verdict:  Unexplained Infertility
Plan from here: 4 rounds of Clomid and IUI (in utero insemination) If that doesn't work they bring out the big guns.
Foreseeable complications:  If I have a cyst... deal off.  New plan: get rid of cyst.  (stupid cyst)

I confess it took me a bit to get comfortable with this idea.  I really was hoping to forgo the Clomid thing and jump right into IVF.  It's probably just me but I think that's where we are headed anyways, so why not just skip the preliminaries?

But then again, maybe I'll be surprised.  Perhaps this is just where we need to be.  Perhaps this was part of the plan always.  Perhaps...

On a brighter note, I have an amazing find for book lovers everywhere.  It's called Jenson Books and it's by the S.E.I. factory outlet here in Logan.  I got these:

For $7.00!  Not $7.00 each, $7.00 for the whole shebang!  Seriously, where has this been all my life!  I like to just sit and stare at it.  It makes me happy.

Every day really does have a silver lining if you look hard enough.


  1. you know I wish you great luck! I have a friend that did artificial insemination and ended up with triplets, so be warned! :D

  2. Ugh. Sorry! I know that isn't the answer you wanted. Here's hoping the clomid doesn't suck!

    (I found NOTHING when I went to Jenson's. Hmmm....)

  3. Jessica: I've heard that before! Wouldn't it be just our luck we'd adopt and get pregnant with triplets all at the same time! Oi!

    Tawnya: I must have got the good ones. They get new ones in all the time apparently. Probably a hit and miss thing, like the DI.

  4. I think the Lord wants you to be your creative self for awhile before your completely devoted to babies.

    How do you know what you want to read? I never pick the right book.

  5. I'm actually a fairly forgiving book reader. Sometimes the title intrigues me, sometimes the artwork. I've really only had a handfull of books that I haven't liked. I pretty much judge a book by it's cover.

  6. I've heard of jensens. I'll have to go one of these days. They have kid books, too!

    Clomid...BLECH! I'm so sorry. I hear it's like being prego, without the prego-cy. I hope it'll go better this round. and if it doesn't, you've already come up with steps to take if that doesn't happen. It'll work out. I'm sure. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Can't WAIT for bookclub.

    Miss you

  7. Sniffle, I'm not going to be able to come to book club this time cause we're in New Mexico on a much needed vacation! I really am sad anytime I have to miss bookclub though. ps don't know if Nick told you or not but we'll be gone on Sunday too. 13 hour drive back means a long day. double sniffle... but not enough to cut our vaca short. I'm selfish that way.

  8. I just discovered the books for sale section of my local library. Fifty cent books. In excellent condition. Fifty cents!

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the other stuff!

  9. Lora! I REALLY wish you were coming to book club, because I wanted to talk to you about those tests and what tests were done. We did a MILLION tests and it wasn't until this one random 'optional' test was done that we FINALLY had out answers. Each time a test came back with 'no answers' I was pretty bummed too. It was frustrating not knowing something. We have to do dinner sometime to chat!