Friday, August 6, 2010

Farm Love

There are many reasons why I love where I grew up.  I love that you can see things like this.

This is from the front porch.  I love the colors, the way the evening light makes everything look fresh and green.

And the way the hills look behind the house as the sun goes down.  Many a night was spent falling asleep to the sound of sprikler pipe and the smell of fresh cut hay.

Sunsets are gorgeous there.

And where else can you wake up to this.  There's something about all of it that just does my farm-girl heart good.


  1. I loved going to visit where you grew up. We should have done it more. Sometimes I wish I currently lived on a farm :)

  2. Ok, I know I supposedly live in Paradise and all, but you just made me seriously so homesick. Sigh.

  3. It's my paradise that's for sure. the place to go and unwind. Sorry about the homesick part...

    brenda I admit I have a hard time picturing you on a farm!

  4. hey, i would be good at drinking the cow's milk!!! ;)

  5. It's true! But you'd have to milk the cow first... that's not so fun.

  6. You just made my little, farm-girl's heart flutter :) I need to go home for a visit now.