Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is what started it.  This tree.  This tree that I saw, that I loved, that I wanted in my house.

These windows encouraged me. They said, "get the tree, we'll make it all worth it."
I had visions of these windows over the tree on my wall looking so fun.
These windows told me, "yes, get the tree, put it behind your bed, you won't regret it."

I complied.

I played with the windows behind the bed.  A faux headboard if you will.
I bought stuff to hang them up.
David helped.  We used modern technology to play around with where the windows should go.
Right over the tree?
To the sides?
Should some tree show through but most not?
Do we move the windows to the sides and not have them touch the tree at all?
We couldn't decide.

Then we got brilliant ideas out of desperation. 
Desperation is an ugly word.

This is what we decided would be a good idea in the middle of the night after a very long day.
It's cute, it's original... it's just not quite right.
It felt like a Barry White room at night.
Like we should have 4 poster pillars...
or pink tiaras.
It just wasn't us.  Perhaps we should tweak it.

Let's try this
Flowers make everything better don't they?
They'll save me from having purchased fabric frivolously.
A more elegant swoop?

And that's when I realized that I kind of hate it.
That sheer fabric shouldn't have been there in the first place.
That it was silly to even think about making a window/headboard out of a bedroom wall.
We are not children.
We are adults.
We need an adult room.
This is not an adult room.
This is almost embarrassing.
Or really all embarassing.
This needs to go away.
But we ran out of money.
And now we're stuck in a Barry White Princess bedroom.
At least there's no pink.... right.
It could be pink.

David's the best to put up with this, to encourage me when he was secretly rolling his eyes.  To humor me.  A saint that's who I married... a saint.


  1. I actually really like the tree and I think the windows would look great. My SIL repurposed a door for their headboard and it turned out great. Go for it!

  2. It's pretty much the curtains that threw it off all together. Anyone else, feel free to mock. It's kind of a cleasing thing right now!

  3. sadly you have far more decorating sense than I do- I have NO eye for decorating. I see stuff I like but don't know how to replicate it or if I even REALLY like it or just like that it looks like something OTHER than what I currently have. But you know what? You have a house. Yes it is expensive and tightens the budget strings BUT you can paint walls and change things as many times as you'd like. Could be worse... they could be pink swag curtains. :)

  4. Not a fan of the curtains, but I do quite like the tree. Just don't put birds in it. Please.

  5. Are you asking for opinions, or just sayin'?

  6. Mostly just saying but opinions and suggestions more than welcome!

  7. I have done that a couple of times in my house too. I find decorations, spend money on decorations, put up the decorations, and then I don't like the decorations. I then wish I had never bought it and try to figure out what to do with it. I hate it when the ideas in my head don't turn out right on the walls. Anyway, I think the tree looks nice:)

  8. Sophie, I'm glad I'm not the only one! We need to come see you!

  9. I've actually been hoping Sharon would post suggestions!

    And seriously. Barry White Princess Room should be a band name. I'm pretty sure.

  10. And have you taken any of it apart yet?

  11. Oh yes. I'll post something sometime. It's not finished.. will it ever be? but it is better. less princess, less barry white.

  12. Why didn't you like the window frames?