Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

So a quick update on the child and the getting thereof.

Most of you know we're working with the doctor again, this time a specialist.  Last update was 4 rounds of IUI and see what happens, unless there's a cyst.  So of course there's a cyst.  Why wouldn't there be a cyst?!?  Did they not realize who they are dealing with.  I have cysts and that's just how it goes.  So the last three months have been the months of monitoring.

Good news is that after three months of monitoring said cyst (I shan't even give this one a name) we're moving forward anyways.  Dr. Hatasaka is a little more aggressive with these things and I for one am quite happy about that.

So on Friday I started taking Femara which is a non-FDA approved drug that does similar things as Clomid but with fewer side effects.  He feels confident with it and I have no reason to doubt so here we are.  Next step is the ever loverly stick-peeing game (sorry I don't know how to word that differently and still leave no doubt about how I feel) and when the appropriate spike happens, we give the doctor a call, go in the next day and do the first round of IUI.  I know, we're living on the edge here.

I mostly wanted you all to know that we're still pursuing.  Still headed down the road of children one way or another.  As stated before I really don't care how our children come into our family just so long as they come!

The end... for now.


  1. If the drugs make you crazy and you need a place to hid. Or chocolate to raid. Or someone to take your mind off the know where to find me!

  2. "The end...for now."

    Just another beginning :)

    Healthy baby thoughts sending your way.

    PS- I have a little something for you- so we really SHOULD get together sometime soon-ish.

  3. wishing you all the best. I'm praying for you everyday :) I'm secretly hoping you'll have a boy, so he and Beck can be buddies (I guess it's no secret). love ya

  4. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!

  5. This all sounds exciting...Good luck and sending prayers your way!

  6. Your a brave soul... I do hope and pray it works... you can always take my kids for a day or more :)

  7. Ginny, it's amazing how many people offer that very thing!