Saturday, October 30, 2010

Indulge me

Warning!! Whining ahead!

Today I am having a pity party because today, I am still sick!

It's just not fair.  Two weeks ago I got the flu and boy howdy did I get the flu!  I spent some quality time conversing with the toilet gods wishing for death.  I was down and out for 4 days.  Then I got to feeling better and life went on.

Well on Tuesday I had this scratchiness in the back of my throat and I thought "oh no, not a cold!".  David didn't get the flu but he had a doozy of a cold.  That's right doozy.  He was miserable and I felt bad for him.  In fact I stated out loud that I would rather have the flu than a cold because at least with the flu you get it over and done with in a few days.  A cold could last forever.

So the scratchy throat propelled me into a flurry of Zicam lozenges to help fight it off before it got there completely.  Well my friends, I'm here to tell you that the cavalry was called and the circled wagon train still fell to the hostiles.

I'm sick. I can't breathe.  I have mouth-breathing syndrome at night accompanied by cracked dry lips in the morning.  I'm in a constant state of cotton mouth and my sinuses drip continuously but still remained stuffed.  Massive amounts of Nyquil and Dayquil are having little effect. It used to be that half a dose of either medicine had me right as rain.  This time a full dose barely makes a dent!  And it's been going on for days.. days I tell you!  I NEVER get colds that last this long or hit this hard.

So I'm whining about it.  Whining that I had to cancel plans with family for the weekend.  Whining because I had to cancel dinner with friends.  Whining because this dastardly cold kept me from the ward Halloween party.  Whining because it's kept me in a perpetual state of medicine head with no end in sight.   Baaah ha ha aaaahaaa.  Whining.

That's it.  Life will go on.  I will survive.  I just wish I could breath a little better while doing it.


  1. Ughh. I'm SO sorry you've been hit so hard! This cold/flu season has hit so soon and it's been nasty... Adam and I have been trading back and for as to who is sick for the past month. Wicked little bugs...

  2. I'm so sorry. Do you need anything?

  3. Nothing needed but sympathy! Isn't that what whiners want the most? :)

  4. It is miserable! I have had both kinds of miserableness too. The cold has been awful, especially the cough for all of us. B, Z and I all are really sad fighting over who gets to use the Vicks Rub first! Then tonight Z said, mom don't forget to put that medicine on my feet! Yep, pretty sad when your 3 year old has had it used often enough that HE reminds ME! Get better soon, I am sorry!!

  5. Lora, I am SO sorry :( Man, your worthless visiting teacher should come over and take care of you! I'm telling on her! Seriously though, that is THE worst. We missed you at the Ward Part. We stayed home from Trick-or-Treating tonight because Miss Kaia is coming down with something as well. 102.5 degree fever :( saddest day.

    Do you need some movies? I don't know if I have any that you don't :) but I could try... books, kleenex, chocolate?

    (HUGS) We're thinking of you... I can see your festive orange lights out my front window and it makes me so happy that you live there.

  6. So I woke up this morning (Sunday) and feel pretty darn good! I can breathe! I told David that my whining must have done the trick! He just rolled his eyes. Thanks for all the well wishes though! May those of you who have it recover quickly!