Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Movie Quotes

Theme:  Movies from my home collection... GO!

1.  "I've written papers on 'Little did he know...' I nearly taught a course on 'Little did he know..."

2.  "I love you like a son." "I am your son!"

3.  "Maybe you're the plucky comic relief?"

4.  "Joe! You're one beauty!"

5.  "Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion."

6.  "Use your talent to save him!... Hurt him to save him."

7. "Now, why go up there when people are dying to get down here?"

And for those of you feeling like you are pathetic because you know so many movies... well there are equal parts that are feeling pathetic because they don't know enough!  See, it all balances out.  Why not enjoy what we've got.


  1. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! (I am bowing to your blog) Seriously, Lora, I don't know jack! #3 Galaxy Quest, one of my all time faves. and #7 is French Kiss for sure! the rest.... uh uh. I feel depressed :(

  2. 1. uhhh...
    2. uhhh...
    3. uhhhhhh...
    4. uh..........
    5. French Kiss
    6. Mulan Rugue (am I supposed to spell that right?)
    7. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

  3. #4- Little Women- That's my stay at home sick movie- or it was when I could stay at home sick and watch a movie.
    #7 reminds me of hercules but I don't think it's from that :)

  4. So impressed that French Kiss was known by more than just me! I love that movie! It's such a random collection though.. my shelves.

  5. I guess I better know these since they are in our collection, (or let down my reputation as a movie buff and a know it all.)

    1 - Stranger than fiction. The best quote from the movie.

    2 - Sabrina (I wouldn't have got this at all, no matter how familiar it sounded if we hadn't of watched it a few months ago.)

    3 - Galaxy Quest. No Chance I could have missed this one. Its a hilarious movie, and its also the best quote from the movie.

    4 - Little Women. I almost didn't get this, but I was finally able to get it since I knew it was from our collection, and we watched this not long ago. It was the Joe instead of Jo that almost threw me. I was thinking, is this some John Wayne cowboy movie? That is all I could think of where someone named Joe could be called a beauty. Then I realized it wasn't the person being called a beauty, but one of their possessions or something, and i had it.

    5 - I Didn't know this one. I haven't seen French Kiss in a long time. I know that might disappoint Lora since it is one of her favorites.

    6 - Moulin Rouge. Because the show must go on.

    7 - Corpse Bride. Again It's a good thing we watched this one not too long ago. I guess that is why Lora knew to pick all of these (except French Kiss, which she probably has memorized.)

  6. It's a good thing it's your birthday... stealing my thunder like that. I guess it is our blog though. :)