Monday, February 14, 2011

Cheers and Jeers: 1st and possibly only edition

JEERS:  To people to who talk on the phone while using the bathroom.

CHEERS: To the person in the next stall flushing the toilet 3 more times than necessary causing awkward pauses and a explanation to the person on the other end of the phone that "yes, they are in the bathroom."

JEERS: To stomach pains night after night after night.

CHEERS: To finally realizing that the reason I was having them was due to hunger! Half a slice of bread and a glass of water and I was right as rain and back to sleep... blessed, blessed sleep.

CHEERS: To being invited to a Pampered Chef party and not having to make dinner.

JEERS: To sitting in a crowd of people I didn't know that well and trying for awkward conversation.

CHEERS: To finding someone in the crowd who started reading this blog, therefore knows I'm a bit off kilter, and chose to talk to me anyways!

CHEERS:  To the sun shining and warm weather on it's way!

CHEERS: To good friends who make it easy to laugh our way through life.

JEERS: To those friends potentially moving away and leaving gigantic holes in bookclub.

CHEERS: To family and the coolness of them!

CHEERS: To my wonderful husband who loves me despite me... let's be honest though, wouldnt' be nearly as fun if I was't a tad off kilter.

JEERS: To alarm clocks and the suffering they bring each day.

CHEERS: To you all and may you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. I litterally laughed out loud at the first group of cheers/jeers! Were YOU the one flushing the toilet 3 times? :)
    On another note, did I just get jeered? :)

  2. Why yes! You are correct on both accounts. I was the one doing the flushing and the jeer wasn't meant you personally, but boo on the realistic possibility of you having to move. THat's right, boo.

  3. Wait! If it wasn't Shari, who's leaving bookclub?! Oh, wait. Maggie? Please tell me no one else is leaving...

  4. No one else is leaving that I know of, but I did have Shari in mind. boo to the potential of loosing someone marvelous! Who's gonna be my dusty old uterus sister?

  5. Gotcha. Shari leaving is tragic enough, I was imagining others bailing as well and it was TOO MUCH!

  6. Wait Shari is leaving?

    Wait people actually talk on the phone while they're using the bathroom? ok, so I have done this when I was talking to my Mom once or twice, but in PUBLIC! ha ha ha

  7. Shari's not really leaving, at least I hope not. But there are some job issues. We can discuss tonight if you are coming over.

    And yes, people to talk on the phone in public in the public restrooms. I actually heard someone typing away on a laptop in the next stall over. Seriously.

  8. Shari's only leaving if she can break the "NOT LEAVING LOGAN" spell I keep casting out of my dining room window...

  9. Oooh, I like that one. I think there's a few people that need to have it cast on them.