Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Saw a Purple Bug

I saw a purple bug on the way to work this morning.

It reminded me of Chris.

Chris was a boy in my singles ward 8000 years ago.... you know, in the 90's.

He had a purple bug.  It was cool.  It was metallic shiny purple.

I still had trouble getting into the back seat because of my long legs.

And to clarify for you who's minds wander and go to other places rather rapidly when "back seat" is mentioned, I was getting in the back seat for rides to ward functions.  Innocent-like.

We (as in my roommates) all liked Chris.  We would have all said "yes" to Chris if he had asked.

He didn't ask.  Well maybe he did, but not me.  My memory is getting bad.

I'm sure I would have remembered if he had asked me.

He didn't.

But he did give rides in his purple bug.

He also had a special tie tack made for him.

From one of his wisdom teeth.

It had a cavity.

Yep, we all liked Chris.


  1. Tie tack thing- kinda gross.

    Purple Bug- love it. My friend had a yellow convertible bug in high school- it was a blast.

  2. Chris. Yup. Every time I see a purple bug I think of Chris. :) Oh and that tie tack. oy. I wonder what he is up to these days.....

  3. Ha! Funny.

    My first boyfriend had a green bug. I have some 'not so innocent' but funny stories about it. That I can't tell because my mom reads my blog. As well as the Lord. Though he already knows...

  4. okay, how did I miss this? LOVE the purple bug...

    I had a banana yellow 1971 bug... with a sun roof... oh, how I loved that car. *sniff sniff*

    the tie tack? ewwwwwwww!!!