Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Photo

The low today is supposed to be 0 degrees.  I can't handle that.
This picture was taken in Ixtapa Mexico two years ago.  I can't go back, but maybe looking at it will make me feel warmer.  If that doesn't work try this one:


  1. Yeah. I heard about the cold this morning. And the wind chill numbers. And I'm wondering whether or not the store is worth it...

  2. I could use me some uh that.

    Beautiful pictures. I bet it was a lovely vacation.

  3. It was quite enjoyable! I wish I were back there right now, and not just because of the weather!

  4. ahhh, that looks quite lovely... oh wait my eyeballs just froze open... *blink*blink* okay, okay I can see again, yes, that looks quite lovely and WARM...