Monday, January 31, 2011

The Week in Review

I wish I had pictures, truly I do.  Of course most of them would be of one thing.  The one thing that I spend most of my time at.  And that picture would include scrubs of varying shades.

Monday:  Work. One day off the paper chain. One less person in the office.

Tuesday:  I saw the foot doctor on Tuesday afternoon.  I told the foot doctor the pain was still as true.  And then the foot doctor he told me what to do.  He said that... I needed an MRI.

Wednesday:  There were interviews.  Three to be precise.  Three with a fourth waiting in the wings.  So I went to the doctor.  I mean why not.  Nothing like a afternoon drive to SLC for the fertility specialist.  It was a long day.

Thursday:  One more interview. Check.  Crazy lady who used the name of Catering for evil in an email leaving me with jaw gaping open in horror.  Check.  One surprising facebook status that sent me into tears and had me shutting the door to the conference room and weeping before regaining my composure.  Check.  Taking both a pregnancy test and an ovulation test at the same time because you don't know why you can't get a grip.  Check.  Both tests negative.  Check. Three consecutive episodes of Grey's Anatomy (a guilty pleasure) and one bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with caramel sauce for dinner.  Check.

Friday:  Something new! Nothing like an MRI first thing in the morning to get you going.  Nothing like claustrophobia to lend a helping hand while staring down a tube. I slept.  It was good.  I won't know results until Wednesday.  You know, because I need another doctor appointment.

Saturday:  Another doctor appointment.  Back to SLC for last round of IUI accompanied by a McGriddle breakfast.  Sometimes you have to find your own perks.  Home again home again jiggity jig, and then off to the Burns Supper which was really fun and tasty and great and I'm glad it's over.  Oh, and one dancing proposition by a somewhat tipsy Scot.  Fortunately I had a medical shoe to stave off his advances.  And a husband.  Phew.

Sunday:  Blessed relief.  Piano player called for the choir.  Check.  I no longer have to stress about learning to play things that are sometimes beyond my capabilities.  Check.  More ice cream. Check.

Hope your coming week is fan-freakin'-tastic!


  1. Lora,

    you know something that might make you feel better? getting some of your own scrubs to wear to all those appointments! I've heard they are extremely comfy, and besides they are much more flattering than the other "CLOTHES" they usually make you wear!

    On another note, my heart aches for you on the facebook status. And it seems that I'm going to be doing that same thing to you. I know your pain and your anxiousness at least to some degree! I hated it when everyone said to me "don't worry one day it will happen for you!" I still hate that and always wanted to shout at them "you know people, I know that, but can't you see that I hurt right now and you are not helping?!" Among many other things, which shall not be mentioned! Please Lora, forgive me! If you ever need someone to vent to feel free! I will agree with you that it isn't fair (as we both know life isn't, but still!). It is okay to cry and have those moments of breakdown, it means you care! Trust in the Lord to take that burden from you, give it away everytime it comes. You can and will feel better! I pray for you guys every day!

    Finally, I hope that you can find some answers to questions you have medically and that things will turn in the right direction!

    Love you!


  2. I swear book club comes at JUST the right time. Sorry for your week! You know my house is always open for the venting...

  3. Lora, I'm always over here if you want to share some ice cream and a hug and doctor appointment stories, but I think you have me trumped there... I hope you can stop going to the doctor so much ASAP... did that make sense? I love ya :)

  4. As one who has an unfortunately vast experience with MRIs (and claustrophobia to boot), I must commend you on sleeping in the tube. It is not easily done. May all your doctor visiting end soon and end well.