Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Change: The First

Well, I did say that 2011 would be one of change.  One of moderation.  So here's the first.

I quit my job.  Okay, not really, just the full time part. Yikes right!

David and I did some serious thinking over the weekend and discussed such things as quality of life, ability to support one another, what we want instead of what we have defaulted to, those kind of things.  So after much thought, prayer, and the use of the magic 8 ball, we decided that it would be a good idea for me to go to part time status and see about working from home.  (just kidding about the magic 8 ball though it would come in handy sometimes.)

The extra good news is that it's kind of a phase-in/out process.  I will continue on full-time through February and then start part time hours in March.  I can use my vacation time to go towards making up the hours so in all reality we'll be getting a full-time paycheck for a few months after I go to part-time. Can you think of anything better!?! Working part time, paid in full.  Yep, I'm excited.

The extra extra good news is that my boss/bosses/co-workers are in full support of my decision and are just awesome!  And because they are so awesome the things that I love most about my job are the things I get to keep. And they are things that can easily be done from home.  Cool huh!

Yep, it's starting out to be a pretty good year.


  1. LOVE IT! And I bet you will too! Think of all the fun things you'll get to do! And less stress as well!

    Yay for the magic 8 ball! I should invest in one of those!

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you! So will your part time be completely at home? And I see a celebratory lunch in our future - say...March! :)

  3. that sounds great! :) Now if I need a cup of sugar I can come over and bug you...

  4. I am way excited!! Counting down the days almost!

  5. You will love working from home. SO much better! Congrats!

  6. What a relief huh? Sounds like a great solution! And ya know- sometimes the magic 8 ball is brilliant. Though we don't have one when hard decisions came up sometimes I wish we did.

  7. It is the best of both worlds (I am only thinking of myself) you will be gone enough to save your sanity and working enough to save me from a drought of sarcastic yet way funny but to quick for anyone to fully appreciate dialog.

    And... you are to good at what you do to let you fully get away.

    Here is to 2011!

  8. YEAH! I love it when things work out like that!