Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear 2011

Welcome 2011.  You are already starting out pretty good.  We've been able to spend time with family.  We've been able to bring New Year celebrations to those stuck in places they would rather not.  You've brought a new perspective on life and the promise of many changes to come.  You've brought opportunities to share our abundance that 2010 blessed us with.
Your visit is just in the beginning stages but I look forward to spending more time with you.  Perhaps more balanced time, more time doing the things that make my spirit soar rather than bring them down. Yes 2011, you are a year of change.

In honor of your visit I shall make a resolution.  Only one.  I think it's something that I can life with.  I resolve to live in moderation.  Ok, it's only one but it's a pretty big one.  I want to have moderation in all things.  For all us crazy Mormon's out there the word moderation is usually associated with the word of wisdom and meat.  Well, I think it means more.  I need it to mean more, to transfer to more parts of my life. 

Moderation means less panic, more planning.  Less stress, more creativity.  Less reacting to and more sanity.  Moderation, 2011.  Moderation.

I look forward to what the future brings.  I look forward to the journey.


  1. love it lora. I think thats a great resolution we could all use a little more of! happy New year may this year bring more happiness and joy to you and david!

  2. I am raising my imaginary glass in your honor!

  3. This is excellent! Great Work! sf

  4. Maybe all of us can use this word a little more :)