Friday, January 7, 2011

Of the 50,000 Reasons I Love Book Club

1.  My sides still hurt from the laughter.

2.  I will never think of knitting the same way again.

3.  Bread!!

4.  Just so you know we're really loud over here!

5.  The waitress wanted to join our book club cause we're so dang funny!

6.  The chocolate calories consumed were voided out by the sheer amount of belly laughter.

7.  My eyes are puffy from the tears that were shed due to said laughter.

8.  There isn't a room that can truly contain our large voices, personalities, and wonderfulness.

9.  Never has three hours passed so quickly and so enjoyably.

10.  I have a new appreciation for Valium!

11.  I love all the members dearly!!!  (It really needs more exclamation points)

12.  Oh, and we get to read books to.

13.  Sometimes we even discuss them!

14.  Mostly we just laugh.

15.  I'm not even sure what about right now, but I'm certain it was good.


  1. Holy cow. I just don't even know what happened last night. Full moon? Not fully cleaned out water bottles? Levi? Being shoved in a corner all to ourselves? Man. Who knew valium, knitting and bread could be so fun?

  2. Seriously... even now it makes me happy!

  3. that sounds absolutely delightful... do you have any openings in said book club?

  4. This makes me want to live in Logan. And be invited to join your book club.

    The good times sound similar to my birthday club. Have you ever considered keeping a log book of particularly enjoyable quotes from the evening? Always jotted down out of context and unattributed, of course. I am scribe and keeper of the book for my group, and oh, what a treasure it is.

  5. lbs. as it turns out I was thinking that exact same thing.. .the book thing that is and keeping track of everyone's random comments.

    Lacy, we might be able to squeeze you in!

  6. Lbs - I CANNOT even begin to tell you how much I wish you lived here and could book club with us!

    Lacy - come join us next month and try us on!

  7. I might have just cried a little from laughing so hard at the memories ALL of those quotes brought back. Especially the Valium :) Oh, and the other table asking if we were drinking alcohol :) Natural 'high', baby!