Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Review

This week I learned:

1.  Eliptical machines do not hurt my foot!

2.  It's been a long time since I've been on an eliptical.

3.  It takes longer than I remember to get over being sore from getting on a eliptical.

4.  No matter how good they are, I just can't eat tamales for every meal.

5.  On Wednesday I had breakfast three times, but no lunch or dinner.

6.  I mostly had breakfast for lunch because there was ham... I didn't get ham for breakfast breakfast and I wanted it desperately.

7.  Breakfast dinner was just because I didn't want a tamale.  I had cooked cereal instead.  Cracked wheat.  It reminded me of my Grandma Robbins.

8.  I remembered that I really do enjoy Sunday school sometimes... not always, but sometimes it's great.

9.  I also remembered that I like Relief Society too.  Yea, same as above, not always but usually.

10.  It is impossible to just eat one Pretzel M&M.

11.  Not everyone likes Spades.

12. That makes me sad, the not everyone liking Spades.

13.  Not all roasts are created equal... even in a crock pot.

14. Butter really does make everything better.

Have a marvelous week!


  1. You are awesome. Did I ever tell you, that you remind me of my sisters. Well, you do. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  2. Sammy is slowly learning that thing about butter, heaven help us all!