Monday, March 21, 2011

I feel better!!

Something strange and wonderful is going on.

Yesterday, as my Sunday afternoon stretched out before me and Monday morning crept closer and closer, I had the oddest sensation.  You see usually Monday strikes fear into my heart.  It reminds me that things need to be done and work is looming over my head.  But yesterday a miracle occurred.  I found myself looking forward to Monday!  It almost stopped me in my tracks with the whole "positiveness" of the moment.

So what does Monday hold that makes it so special?

1.  I don't have to go anywhere that I don't want to.  No work meetings, no evening obligations.

2.  I get to do laundry.  It's not so much a curse in my life right now.  Had I little ones I'm sure it would be otherwise, but for now it's not so bad.  In fact I rather enjoy it because I can fold it in front of the movie selection of my choice.

3.  Exercise is easier on Monday.  This used to not be so.  But now it's like the jump start to the week, the repentance for the weekend.  It helps me find my groove.

There really isn't too much special about Monday, but it's enough of the little things that it feels good to look forward to the day.

So to all you readers out there:  Enjoy your Monday!  It's the only one you have all week!


  1. Don't tell Isaac, but I kinda like laundry. I think I got the good end of our laundry / dishes deal...

    And thank you again for Saturday. I hope you had a good time!

  2. Ooh, I did I did! We laughed about the movie for quite awhile. had no idea! Way fun. Thanks for putting it together.