Friday, January 6, 2012

Some things I've done

I told you there was more to wrapping things up.  Mostly because such efforts on my part should be known! Not because they are spectacular per se, but more because I actually got off my hind end and did something!

For this, I was really tired of having mail all over the place.  I knew that I wanted something on the wall but everything was either too office-y looking or just too expensive.  So I found this beauty at the DI and added a few touches.  Now it keeps my mail organized... or at least off the kitchen counter.

I've wanted shelves in the living room for awhile, but again, expense. I also wanted a magazine holder. Not just anything though.  My grandma Robbins had one that my mother now has and I have always loved it. Mostly the memories and the nicks and scratches that just said Grandma.  However my mother absolutely would not part with it.  So I found this at the DI and snatched it up.  It's the same style, just needed some love.  And the shelf is self explanatory.  Didn't get a before of the small one, but here's the finished products on all.

I really like the way the magazine holder turned out.  I like the streaks with the black underneath.

And the grand finale.  Our upstairs bathroom has largely driven me crazy with it's 70/80s style everything.  So little by little we've been updating.  New toilet, new cast iron bathtub with cultured marble finishing (the old one was hideous and kind of gave me the creeps. Perhaps it was the cigarette stain on the tub that would not come off) and finally the updating of the mirror/shelves.  I knew what I wanted as far as shelving to replace the hideous sliding cupboard attached to the mirror but could not find anything.  Until Target that is. 

David and I found the shelves at Target and the mirror at Tai Pan. So for a grand total of $50.00 we completely updated our look!  And I love it.  Now to replace the cabinets and the faucet.  But that's a ways off.

Please notice the plastic icky looking sliding doors. 

That's it for this installment.  I would like to give a special shout out to Sharon who has no idea that she taught me how to look at thrift store stuff through a can of spray paint! My life may be changed forever!


  1. Ah, so sweet! It all looks so awesome!!! (DI is my favorite pastime and I will go there with you on a playdate whenever you wish...)

  2. That sounds like the best playdate ever! I usually drop by on Tuesdays after Starbucks. :)

  3. I'm not going to compare myself to you, cuz I can just never be that cute! Love it!

  4. I LOVE that magazine holder so very much. And the bathroom looks amazing! Those plastic slider doors remind me of college...

  5. I really truly hated those plastic sliding doors. HATED. So glad to see them gone!

    Brenda you make me laugh! I'm not sure how long it will last! Might just be a phase.... kind of like the quilt I started 1 1/2 years ago. yeah, I have one side to Can't seem to get the energy!