Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrapping Up


That was my word for 2011 and I loved it.  I made quite a few changes in my life with the promptings and promises of this word.  I dropped to part-time in my job.  I looked at my life more realistically.  I actually said "no" to some things.  But mostly I learned to let go of others. 

Moderation has taught me to take a good long look at some of my "must dos" and realize that there's a lot of stuff out there that simply is not worth the hassle.  Of course this lesson came on full force with the level of sickness that I experienced during that wonderful 1st trimester and then some of pregnancy.  I stopped doing things and the world did not come to an end.

It also taught me to be more moderate in my thinking about myself and others.  Perfection, though worth striving for, is not the end all be all.  In fact, I'm not sure that most of our definitions of perfection are actually correct.  Like art, beauty/perfection is in the eye of the beholder.  Could it be possible that we perceive perfection where it doesn't exist? Like in other people's homes or family lives?  Or even how other's think of themselves?

One of the most pertinent lessons I've been taught this year is that how I see things isn't always how they are.  In fact just recently I found out how very very wrong my perception was concerning a dear friend of mine.  It's a mistake I hope to not make again.

All in all it was a good year.  I have learned, I have grown, and I have become a slightly better person in some aspects and there's a whole lot more to go before this ride we call life is over.  I am looking very much forward to this coming year and what it has in store.

I do have a few more wrap up things but they will be in another post. So until next time, enjoy this unseasonably warm weather!  Is it January or March?!


  1. I love your middle thought. NO ONE'S life is ever what it seems. Everyone struggles. It's our perception that is usually off. Which is why judging so rarely pays off...

  2. yep, what Tawyna said. So true... it's all about perception and well, that is just so subjective. I am so glad you've been inside my home and have seen me at my worst and you still call me friend. ;)love ya

  3. ditto to Tawnya... I don't think my comments are showing up :(

  4. For some reason your comments are going to spam? So I'll look through more regularly to make sure they show up. Weird huh!