Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greetings from Austen-land

WARNING: If you have any desire to read Mansfield Park and don't want the ending spoiled, DO NOT read this post... - the Management

I just finished reading "Mansfield Park" about 5 minutes ago. It was more of an endurance read than I have had in a long time. There were portions of the book that I found myself greatly drawn to, but a great majority of it was just long. And I must admit, it didn't turn out at all like I wanted it to. I was greatly anticipating the ever-moral Fanny Price to fall in love and marry the slightly more dangerous but hopeful Mr. Crawford. I thought her un-bending Victorian morals so much in need of 'stirring-up' and that Mr. Crawford was just the guy to do it; handsome, witty, and the professor of un-dying love. But as in all good moral novels, the bad guy, though only compared to the most strict set of morals and by far the more interesting, is still the bad guy. He cannot change his ways and will certainly lead to ruin. Whereas those whose morals guide their lives to the point of being unwilling to see the possibility of change and even repentance in others are left to their own devices and happiness and tranquility are sure to follow. Blechkhkkhkkkh.

I'm so glad that I don't live in those times! It reminded me of "The New England Nun", a short story whose author I forget, but whose message I can't. I should like to discuss that one sometime. And for those of you who haven't made it through the book all the way, don't worry, you haven't missed too much, nor have I revealed all the sordid details. There's more to the story. Of course you don't get 412 pages with such a simple plot. However, I'm glad to have it done with, I've been preached to enough.


  1. It is, without a doubt, my least favorite Austen.

  2. This was going to be my next Austen book, thanks for the comments, I will just move to the movie. I just finished Persuasion, which I really enjoyed. I have heard from a friend that the best movie to watch of this has a blond lead character. Don't know I haven't seen it yet.