Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum of Solace

So, today was a good day and a bad day. The good part was that I got a free ticket to the new James Bond thriller "Quantum of Solace". We went as a work group to the 10 am showing. I always hate it when people spoil things for me so I will reveal nothing of the plot. I will say that I really really really liked it. Of course I also hate it when people say that to me cause then I have high expectations and nothing ever lives up to them. So, forget that I said I liked it, in fact it was stupid, hardly worth your time to go really. I wouldn't have but I'm a sucker for free things. But if you want to go and need someone to go with you, I'll sacrifice and "hold your hand" through the painful experience of watching such a horrid movie. :)

K, the bad part of the day was going to the dentist! YUCK!! I had a small cavity that needed to be filled. My mouth is still numb and at first when I tried to talk I sounded like I had had a stroke. And the drool, oh the drool... But I was so thirsty! I know, traumatic. Somehow I survived though.

And just to round out the James Bond thing, isn't there something terribly yummy about Daniel Craig... That is all.


  1. And that Olga Kurylenko is scrumptious

  2. I don't get the James Bond, thing...

  3. Well, personally I think that the Joker from Batman was pretty dang hot as well!!! No wait! I'm confused! He's actually a sick, dead psychopath!

    we want to go! Let us know when...

  4. I think Sean Conrey (oops spelling)is hot at age 80.