Monday, December 29, 2008

Fetchin' Gretchen

I have recently caught up with one of my all time favorite companions from the mission field. Of course all my comps were grand in their own way, but Sister Pratley and I did a lot of time together. We served in 3 areas and 5 months. Unfortunatley after the mission we kind of lost track of each other for awhile. Through the miracle of Facebook, we're connected again.

Gretchen, this one's for you!
There are a few things that come to mind right away when I think of Sis Pratley, one is companionship inventory (one in particular of course, something about crooked sunglasses and non-flowered dresses), "what do you mean this is the AP's camera", and a note that is kept lovingly in my journal. It says:
"For my Sister Hubbard,
What I like about Sister Hubbard
1. Your accents
2. Your cookies
3. The fact you're a big dork like ME"
For you, in photographic form, is a brief journey of all that we went through together.

Us and the elders decorating the fake Christmas tree that Sister Preece loved so much. We were just happy we weren't in trouble for sneaking into the elders aparment and sabotaging it.

The Christmas garland of 1997 that must have been a relief society project gone wrong. Ever cheap, ever sheek, ever classic, ever tacky to-go containers with plastic wrap and lights. We didn't know whether to put it up or wear it.

"This is a tornado warning! Take cover immediately!"
What better place than the bathtub!

I have to wonder, did you ever get to live in your dream home!
The 16 Wide is the "Home of the Future"

And who can forget the need to preach repentance unto all.

There are so many more I could have posted, the pics in front of the Granite Steel mill, the Eternal Flame, Sandy, the Hawg Cafe, Paris, Brooklyn, God's Bus, The Kelly's (do you know where to find them?), year mark "burn", concrete geese, our "fake fight" to help our DL feel useful, Shop-N-Save Sombreros... the list goes on.

Sure do miss you!


  1. That was the most touching tribute ever. I need a Kleenex. Seriously I loved it and will be coming back to read about ME all the time! You are the best and I miss you tons! Wish we were closer. Love you babe!

  2. Glad you liked it! I had fun putting it together. I miss those times sometimes. Compared to now it was all so carefree...

  3. I came back to read more about ME!! Man I love me!! I can't believe those pictures made it to the Internet. I hope I never run for any sort of important office because the one with "garland" is pretty bad!! I miss those times of driving a purple car, wearing flower skirts, and smelling Sandi's cigarettes, those were the days!! I will be back again to read about ME!! LUVS!!