Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, yesterday was my birthday. For those of you who know, well you already know how old I am so I don't have to tell you. It was a smashing day though!

First, Eli, Velvet, and Axel (their 4.5 month old child) came and spent the weekend. Twas a blast! I was excited to have them come and spend some time with us and play some games. Who knew it would end up being a family thing! Saturday plans included a big breakfast, errands on the part of others, and then farming the afternoon away. (That would be with the help of "The Farming Game") As it turned out, Jarom and Melissa stopped by with their kids to finish up a bit of shopping and so did my parents! At one point we had 12 people running around this little house. That doesn't seem that big of a deal for some of you, but have you seen my house? Yea... not much room. But fun anyways.

I was a bit worried that we wouldn't be getting any farming in with all the unexpected company, but never fear, we got 'er done. After the rest of the family left we sat down to "the game". We all started out even enough but the Hubbard farming prowess and expertise soon showed itself as Eli and I proceeded to trounce the Sullivan's and Titcombs. Year after year we made money hand over fist. Naturally we don't play by the official rules so by the end we had the calculator out and were using bank notes as money because we were out of the real stuff. It was possible that we felt bad about beating them so soundly, but we were just too dang silly to make the effort sincere. It was good to laugh uncontrollably! That kind where it just hurts and tears come to your eyes and you just can't stop. Those are truly good times.

Needless to say it was truly a pleasure to have them in our home! I LOVE family!! Thanks for making my birthday great!


  1. I had never heard of that game until I saw it on your table. It looked fun, though!

    Sorry, again, for crashing your party!

  2. Silly girl! You weren't crashing! Just wish you could of stayed longer. We'll have to play it sometime. We quite enjoy it.

  3. I am the biggest slacker of a friend that you have.....I meant all week to get your card out in the mail so that you would have it and I simply forgot! Not that I forgot you but I forgot the card.....hope that the day was wonderful! Happy Day!!! Loves!!