Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can You Eat Your Facial Cleanser?

Seriously, how many of you can benefit from facial cleanliness and eat it too?

K, I would never on purpose eat facial cleanser, but while I was in the shower today, I tried a new product that was given to me by Tawnya for my birthday. Burt's Bees Orange facial cleanser. It's an all natural thing not tested on animals and all that jazz. So there I was, shampoo in my hair waiting to be rinsed while I did step 2 of the routine and put cleanser on my face. I followed the directions and massaged it into my skin so it's magic powers could wipe away the impurities of life embedded deeply in my skin. I moved on to step 3, the hair rinse when the dreaded happened.

An errant drop of water found it's to my cheek and casually worked it's way down to my lip. I could feel it creeping along in it's journey. I took immediate action and pressed my lips together so the dreaded concoction wouldn't make it into my mouth, you all know how badly soap of any kind tastes. Too late. I licked my lips just a little to verify. I expected my gag reflex to kick in next but what to my wondering tongue should, um, appear? The refreshing taste of sweet orange! Delightful! And completely bio-friendly.

Oh Burt's Bees products, where were you when I needed you! Oh how marvelously handy you would have been in the hippy infested waters of Strawberry Hot Springs (that's in Colorado in case you were wondering.). Communal bathing after hours would have been a tad more appealing if only nature friendly products would have been stashed in my bag.

Okay, I would never but it really would have fit the experience perfectly. After hours clothing was optional. I vow to NEVER stay after hours. Ewwwww.

Chew on that.


  1. Aw, come on. I know you've got some taste for skinny-dipping in you. And, appropriately, the word verification today is: nated. Chance? I think not.

  2. LOVELY, right?! So glad I could keep the gagging in check!

  3. J.B. that's another story for another time. Besides, I knew you guys!

    Tawyna, seriously loved the gift! I just may have to purchase more!

  4. L O L ! While the craziest part of this tale is what you share with others! I love reading your inspiring stories.