Sunday, January 31, 2010

I "Heart" Primary


Teacher: What are some of the songs we learn in church?

Kid: Eye of the Tiger


  1. Two comments:

    1 - Your comment link is a weird color that makes it really hard to find.

    2 - That totally beats my three little nursery girls chanting "Water, water, water" at the top of their lungs while raising one leg in the air. But it was still funny.

  2. You could totally submit that to that one blog about the stuff overheard in your ward. I forget what it's called.

    That is classic.

    And what J.B. said about the comment link.

  3. -Look at how quick I am to respond to the color change! You should truly be proud, I actually had to go in to the "code" to do it.

    -Water, water, water is still pretty good!

    -There's a whole blog about stuff overheard! I must find it!

  4. How OLD was this kid!? LOL

    On a ward by ward basis, I do believe that odd things pop up all the time. Yesterday I was sitting in Primary awaiting Singing Time, when out of nowhere, this totally pop song that I couldn't identify comes from the classroom across the hallway. Was this supposed to be an object lesson, I ask myself? I still do not know.

  5. The kid was a Sunbeam! Yep, three years old. That would have made the story even better huh!