Friday, January 29, 2010


Conversation this morning.

David: Why are you so beautiful?

Me: So you can put up with the stupid things I do.

David: You're probably right, but why do you have to be so smug about it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

David: If I could dish it out the way you do you would absolutely wither!

Me: It's a good thing you are stronger than I am!

David: You better believe it.

Me: But you still love me!

David: I know! (exasperatedly)

Me: Maybe even because of it!

David: No... Well.. dangit.


  1. Ha! And this is why you are our favorites...

  2. My kind of couple.

  3. Lbs! I had a very out of body / facebook weirdness when I saw your comment. My worlds are colliding...

  4. I know, Tawnya. I almost feel like I'm stalking you through your friends.

    I had a thing on my blog stats page that said there was an incoming link coming from over hear and I clicked over to check it out and have discovered this Lora chick is pretty cool.

    Hey, Lora chick, you're pretty cool! (Please feel free to send me away if I'm starting to freak you out.)

  5. It's ok. It's two of my favorite friends finding each other! And I'm thinking we MAY have talked about YOUR blog at our last book club, so...

  6. It's true, we did talk about your blog at our last meeting. Can't wait for the face to face.. oh I'm so nervous!