Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back

Hello all ya'll in blogger land! I was beginning to wonder if I would come back from this little hiatus. I'm not entirely sure what happened to keep me silent for so long. Well maybe it was the whole crazy-busy part of life. Or perhaps the new found love of a British television show "Allo! Allo!", a little treasure I found whilst perusing the local library. I confess, I'm through 3 seasons already. In my defense, they are only 8 episodes in a season. Still.

Of course there is always the mad reading frenzy that I found myself in as well. It's like I was starving for reading time and in order to get it I sacrificed house cleaning and blogging. Nothing wrong with those priorities right? Those of you out there with children are just jealous that I actually can sacrifice housework for hours of uninterrupted reading. It's okay, just remember I really want to be like you!

Speaking of which, this whole waiting thing is well... hard. It's not like we expected to be chosen right away, but it really is difficult not knowing who has looked at our profile and if that special little someone is closer than we think. Sigh... On the bright side, invitations to baby showers aren't nearly as hard as they used to be. At one point it was enough to slip into a bit of a depression and have a good pity cry. Now it's a bit more fun because there really is a chance that someday it will be for my baby! You know anywhere between next month to 10 years from now. Sigh again! Oh well, plenty to keep us busy with.

Highlights of the past two weeks:

1. Bridal Faire is over! Woo-hoo! I actually want to post pictures to show that all the anxiety and madness was worth it, but I have to wait on someone else to download the photos. Perhaps another entry in the future.

2. I have a fully staffed primary! Save for a scouting leader, but hey, at least I got teachers right!

3. Another trip to Las Vegas for work has been planned. Reservations made, plane tickets purchased. Just over a month and certain warmth awaits.

4. I have new exercise socks! It really is a big deal.

5. Every once in a while I look up and notice I still have a Christmas decoration on the wall. I think about taking it down and realize that there is nothing to replace it with. With nothing there it's too bare to bear. Yup.

6. January is almost over and that is good. I have decided that January is the worst month of the entire year. For those of you with special occasions during said month it probably isn't that bad, but for me... never ending gray, cold, bleak, why does this time of year have to exist! Every other month has something to look forward to, or at least more sunshine. January exists right after the holiday high and hits you with a large electric bill due to Christmas lights, dark streets now that lights are no longer festive, just weird, and it honestly leaves me wondering if I can actually make it through the end of the month with any sanity left. Sweet January, it's time to end.

That's it for now. I know, didn't have to write a book, but thanks for listening anyways!


  1. What are these exercise socks of which you speak?

  2. Exercise socks: nice cooling mesh on top that let's the foot breathe. padded bottom to give you the illusion that your feet will feel better after you exercise. I am exceptionally picky about my socks because as a whole I would rather not wear them... ever.

  3. Hey, I think we actually have some of those at our house. Never made the whole "exercise" connection before, though. Perhaps I subconsciously purchased them to give the illusion that I would exercise.

  4. I confess, sometimes I wear them just to 'feel' more fit!