Monday, March 22, 2010

I, David, am a nerd and a jerk

I hope I don't surprise anyone too much with my appearance here. This has been Lora's blog for a long time, but she somehow thought it would be OK if I were to contribute now and then. I have had permission to post for a while, but just haven't had much to say, until now.

First, the reason I am a nerd. I have had to accept the fact. I like nerdy things. I am in graduate school for math, I know a lot of trivial things and share those things all the time, whether this information is welcome or not. About the only thing that keeps me from going on and on is when one of our friends mentions, "Oh yeah, you are a spermologist!". Besides the word being like a brick thrown at me because it doesn't sound like something you would say in polite company, it is the fact that spermologist is slang for knowing tons of trivia. I even looked it up, further incriminating my nerdyness.

But the reason it is on my mind is because of last night, why I am a nerd. Please bear with me. My new position at work is Analyst for production systems. At least, that is the position I am working towards. They gave me an intermediate position until I got up to speed with some things, mostly programming. One of the languages that I should learn is call Python. From my programming experience in the past, doing a small project is usually the best way to learn, so I chose something I thought would be fun enough to keep me going. I am going to write a game based on the Settler's of Catan board game. I know, I know, pretty nerdy already, but it gets worse. A computer game made by the company has already been written and is available online. So, to try to remember all of the things I would have to do to write this, I played the online version a couple of times last night before bed. Even when I went to bed, I kept on having what variables I would have to declare, how they would interact, how to keep track of everything. It took me a bit for my mind to go to sleep.

Yup, I am totally and unequivocally, a nerd!

So, why am I a jerk too? Well, I'm not always a jerk. But sometimes, my jerkyness does come out. Again, last night is a good example. So there I am on the couch playing a game before bedtime. In my mind it is important and research. But all I am really doing is playing a game. Lora tells me she is tired and something about falling asleep for the 3rd time as she reads the same paragraph in her book. I didn't catch it very well because I was engrossed in my game.

She asks me, I think, if I am coming to bed with her. I don't even remember what I said as I paid no attention and continued on with the game. Anyway, I finish the game and put things away and go to bed. The first sign, at least to me, that all is not well is that the door is shut and all of the lights are out in the bedroom. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought she would be there reading still because it wasn't that late yet. I realize that I did mess up some, because we have a routine and if I do stay up later than Lora, I usually say prayers and read scriptures with her before she goes to sleep. I missed it last night.

It wasn't until morning when Lora confesses that she is still mad at me. That she was so mad at me last night that she locked the door for a while until she thought what good is that going to do in the long run. She had even thought about throwing my pillow and stuff outside the door to let me know where I should sleep.

Hmmm... Oh! Wow! I am a jerk! I don't know if I am a jerk, more for paying no attention last night and barely looking up from the laptop. That is being a pretty big jerk. Or was it worse that I didn't realize it, being clueless until the next morning. I don't know. You will have to tell me.


  1. I suppose if you, my lover, are comfortable putting all that on the blog then I am comfortable responding eh! And for the readers who have ventured this far into our yesterday experience, for the record, after I informed him I was going to bed, got ready for bed and the came out and said "Goodnight" hoping that it would spur him into action and out of the computer game reverie. His response was "Goodnight" back. No movement from couch position. Severe irritation.

    However, in the scheme of who is more of a jerk than who... I think I may have you hands down. Seriously, what kind of crack-head locks her husband out of the room because he didn't come and pray!

    Dear readers, you are being exposed to my uglier side.

  2. David, I would say from a wife's point of view, it's sixes. But being so willing to recognize the error of your ways earns major brownie/forgiveness points.

    Lora, yeah, but you unlocked the door before he even had time to realize it was locked, so... I don't know why we wives can't just say, "Would you like to do prayers before I go to bed?" instead of waiting for them to realize that's what we want and getting all huffy when they don't.

    You guys are cute.

  3. David -

    first of all, I totally understand the programming thing and having it in your mind and you can't even sleep.

    second of all, I don't let Don play games. I think they are a total waste of time. He played them when he was single, but he's not single anymore! again, WASTE OF TIME!

    Lora - I miss you!!!

  4. LORA! There's a boy on your blog!

    This cracks me up. I'm not sure why. Probably because I can hear Dave's voice in my head while I read it...

    Gotta love those nights. Sorry for the crappiness of it all! (however, I'm pretty sure your nerdiness eclipses your jerkiness hands down!)

  5. We are nerdy right along with you. That was fairly evident when someone would make a comment about a any bird, and Eli would start rattling off the genus and species name and various other facts. We also can relate on the jerky part as well. It is always a good reminder to me that at least we know that neither one of us will wake up translated only to leave the other one behind. It's nice to know we are both imperfect and learning together. :)

  6. I'm not trying to make excuses for my son, but he inherited his single-mindedness from my side of the family. It is a family trait to
    be totally ambivalent.
    But shame on you David for not having family prayer!

  7. my favorite thing in life is reading a reference to me in a person who doesn't usually write on the blog. LOL that made me laugh. Thanks!

    As for the general jerkiness. I think it's amazing that BOTH of you are so wonderful to recite your flaws not only to each other, but to others. We love you both.

  8. Unfortunately, I can relate to both the nerdiness and, especially, the jerkiness - I locked my sweetie out of the apartment once; a time I am not proud of. That's when I come to him and he graces me, yet again, with his forgiveness and love. So glad I chose someone who sees my flaws and loves me anyway.