Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say Anything

This is my husband.

He is the John Cusack of my world. 

David's blog post is the modern day equivalent of standing outside the house of the woman you love and letting the boombox do the talking.  The woman doesn't know what to make of it.  She cringes at the exposed underbelly.  It's so public.  He's so exposed.  Anyone can stumble upon the trials in the relationship, the trials that were meant to stay behind closed doors.  The trials that would have stayed behind closed doors if the woman wasn't so obstinate.  What chance does he have at rectifying the situation unless he opens himself up for ridicule in the most public way possible.  She feels guit because after all it was her refusal to accept the apology that has brought him so low.  He stands.  He takes the boombox, he turns it up loud and he waits.

Her heart melts.  She rushes to his side.  Throws her arms around him and apologizes for her own stubborness.  If there was a sunset they would be walking into it.  Instead they go into the house, put on some music, make some dinner, and dance around the kitchen with two left feet laughing the whole time.

Life is good isn't it.


  1. I am glad her heart melted, though when I first saw her after I knew she had read it, she didn't give me a clue things were good again. She gave me one of those, "So you think you're all that, huh?" looks and pretended to still be mad at me. Well, for a minute anyway.

    Yes, life is good!

  2. Like I said, you guys are cute.

    Major points for the Say Anything reference, BTW.

  3. I love that you posted this...

  4. No too many people know Say Anything these days. Sad huh!