Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

So today was an interesting day.  Went to work, full of the usual work-related stuff.  Had a few meetings, harrassed people about payment, tried to un-bury my desk.  You know, the usual.  At least that was the way it started.  Then we had "the meeting". 

This wasn't just any meeting.  This was a behavior meeting.  A meeting instituted by two specimens of the male gender in efforts to straighten out the wayward women in the office. There's too much history to repeat now and frankly I have no desire.  It tires me to even think about explaining the office dynamics at this point and I doubt anyone could really understand it unless they spent some time there.  Suffice it to say an office space is shared by people who's jobs coordinate with each other but don't fall under the same boss/leadership.  Different ideas, different agendas... same work space.  Difficult.

Meeting: Despite good attempt, it has been confirmed that men just do not understand women whether in the work place or out of the work place, it just ain't happenin'. 

You know it's bad when the men make a reference to Festivus and the 'airing of grievances' right at the beginning.  It's like they wanted to see a cat fight or something.  Fortunately we didn't satisfy. 
I know that all was meant well and for the good of the whole.  But really?? So many reasons why I love my job.   sigh...


  1. That sounds fuuuuuunnnnnn.....

  2. ANOTHER meeting?! i must hear details! despite all of the drama, it can be endlessly amusing.

  3. Hmmm. I sense an email coming your way.

  4. LOL. Thanks for sharing and standing up for what's good and decent about cell phone usage.