Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Did I Say "Almost Done"?

As it turns out, I wasn't quite telling the truth.  In my defense, I didn't realize that I wasn't quite telling the truth.

Home ownership is truly a horse of a different color.  I have expressed to a few of you before that it's so different having your own place because you have ultimate control over how everything will look starting at the color of the walls to what kind of nasty shrubbery will not reside in your yard as long as you both shall live.  Yeah, don't really know what will yet, but definitely know what will not be part of the Sullivan landscaping.

We are however, done with the old place.  I can't tell you the feeling of joy it was to turn in the keys and walk away.  I can only imagine it's equal would be getting that hefty deposit check back.  It's kind of like Christmas.  And then to know that as long as we play our cards right we will never have a landlord again!!  Woo-hoo!

Back to ultimate control.  Turns out it's a lot of pressure to decorate a room that you have ultimate control over.  Suddenly the trusty pictures that have followed you around adorning the walls of landlord-owned walls aren't quite up to snuff for self-owned walls.  So far I have one room that I am almost completely satisfied with:

Need curtains, an oval floor rug, and something brilliant to house music in.  Oh and get rid of lots of little baskets and get large basket with lid providing atmosphere and functionality.  Oh and a side table by the sofa to put additional lamp on for reading.

And that's what I mean by "almost done".

In other realms, check out the pathetic bedroom!

Just so you know, I know this has no style.  As a matter of fact it completely reeks of no style.  I didn't have pictures up until yesterday not because I think they go with anything (cause they don't) but I was tired of the echo-y sound/feel of the room.

Almost done.

I do have ideas for it though.  Something sort of rustic.  Like the pictures in this shot or this shot.  I really like this shelf to go over the bed... maybe.  And before you all go crazy with??? I don't know what, I could never afford pottery barn pricing!  In fact, even if I could afford, I don't know if I could bring myself to pay over 100 smackers for a set of 200-thread count twin sheets!  However I love the ideas.  Helps me get of feel of what I could really make my home into.  You know, when we get all that extra time and money.  Yeah, it's gonna be awhile.


  1. 1. You should thrift shop with Sharon some time...

    2. I have a side table in my pile o' stuff in the garage. I LOVE it (it has a story!), it's a Bombay Co. table that was priced $100+, but I got it on clearance for $15. Score! It's beautiful and I wish I had a place for it here, but I don't. So. If you ever want to look at it, feel free. I'd love for it to not go to DI!

  2. Also, big baskets with lids are on sale well half off which is pretty on sale at ShopKo this week. May want to check 'em out.

    Jessica :D

  3. Love the ideas. Tawyna I of course would love to see the table. I wish I had more time and I would totally thrift shop. Since I'm not much of shopper by nature it's hard for me to get really motivated for that great find... sigh.

    Jessica, I actually have the one picked out that I want: basket that is, and it is at Shopko. There's this tricky little thing called payday that is really throwing off my groove.

  4. I don't like thrift shopping either. Sharon, however, keeps an eye out for anything "perfect" for my house. Handy!

    Anytime you want to see the table, feel free!

  5. looking good, lora. Excited to see you on Sunday.