Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What kind of a day are you having?

I thought I was doing pretty good today until Marketing Meeting.  It's at 11:00 am and I have been here walking around and talking to people since 8:30.

Marketing meeting.

Lindsey:  Did you mean to wear two different earrings?

Me:  No, these are the same. (I clearly remember picking up the gold dangly ones I love that would go perfectly with my hairdo that is cutely fashioned away from my face so as to accentuate the earrings and their cuteness)

Lindsey:  No they aren't.

Me: (feeling them as proof).... crap!  ( 1 gold dangly, 1 beaded nowhere close to the same color other) Tells you what kind of a day I'm having!

How's yours?


  1. Just play it off like you did it on purpose. :-) My baby sister routinely wears mismatched socks and earring deliberately. (You may have to cultivate a supremely quirky personality to pull it off . . . I'm pretty sure that's how she does it, lol.)

  2. Your little sister's a dork, Lacey! :)

    And WooHoo for mismatched earrings! Knitting night is definitely needed...

  3. I had a craptastic day. I won't go into the details. I did not wear mismatched earrings, but there may or may not have been profanities escaping my lips at one or two or seven points during the day.

    Thanks for asking!

    P.S. I'm feeling better now.

  4. Tawnya: knitting was definately needed, thank you!!

    L.Jo: I really just don't have that kind of confidence. I thought perhaps but then I realized that although I take unintentional self-mockery with stride I can't seem to willfully bring it upon myself.

    bythelbs: sorry to hear that you had a craptastic day! good word for it too. And I completely hear you on the profanities that may or may not have escaped the lips... yeah. I feel you.