Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost done

K, so sorry about the long absence on the blog thing.  For those who don't know, we've been in the process of moving and my oh my what a process it has been.  We have yet to spend a weekend at the new place and it looks like we may  not be doing that for awhile.

How about a recap:

May 7:  We get the keys and actually bring one carload of stuff over because we can.

May 8:  Official move day, spend entire day lifting and loaded and unloading and sweating. (thanks TONS to those who helped with manual labor as well as dinner!)  Stay up till 1 trying to get things in some kind of order.

May 9: Head to Grace for Mother's Day,  Alex's farewell, and family pictures.

May 10:   I can't even remember what this day was...unpacking of some sort and cleaning I'm sure.

May 11:  Head to Salt Lake with family to go to temple, do Ruby River dinner and hit the 10 pm movie (we left the hotel at 9:57 and still made it! Nothing like running around the Gateway after steak! ugh.)

May 12:  See Alex off, go to Ikea for ideas, come home, David goes to work, I hit the cleaning of the old place hard.

May 13:  Thoughts of going to the other house make me want to cry.  Instead I put more things away in new house.

May 14: Renewed effort at going to old place still make me want to cry so we call it a day and vow to do better Saturday.

May 15:  Saturday.  We hit the 14th ward swap with all our old DIable stuff.  Get breakfast.  Clean out other place with a vengance, still don't get done.  Buy a lawnmower.  Take our old table for a ride around town before putting it back in the kitchen where we found it.  Make two trips to the DI.  Pick up new chairs (new to us) and table from Tawnya and Isaac.  Mow lawn, buy groceries, think about dying with sheer tiredness.

May 16:  Studiously avoiding our own messy house, we head to Grace for church and dinner with the parents who have found themselves incredibly bored without Alex around to shake things up.

May 17:  Finish cleaning old house, get almost everything out of garage, wonder if it is even worth it.

That brings us to today.  Looking forward to a nice weekend of not running around... but alas, tis not so.  David's last Grandfather has passed away and his funeral is in Hurricane UT on Saturday.  We will leave on Friday and come back on Monday.  (This was a blessing and not entirely a surprise by the way.)

Week after that we are headed to Grace for Memorial day because that's what we do.

Week after that it's back to Hurricane and a lovely cabin on Mt. Kolob.

We may need to take a loan for gas money.  sigh.

How have you been?


  1. DUDE. Seriously. That hurts my head!

  2. I'll think about you while you're here not visiting me! :)

  3. Yeah, it has been a very long and full couple of weeks.

  4. Moving really is torture - good title choice! We did it a few weeks ago and it took us another week and the help of friends and my mom to get everything out and cleaned up; I actually paid a house-cleaning friend of mine to finish cleaning because I just didn't have the energy to do it myself. We've been here for four weeks now and we still have boxes yet to go through, including some in our daughter's bedroom! I work Saturdays and have had so many things and errands to do on my Thursdays off so I can honestly say I haven't had the time to take care of those pesky boxes! Maybe next month!!

  5. Seriously! Working really does throw off the whole un-packing thing! Not fun!g So sometime next year maybe we'll revisit things and get that last obnoxious box unpacked.