Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Last Sunday

Today was my last Sunday in the 14th ward.  Though I wasn't officially released from my calling, it was still the last time for me there.  I confess I fully expected the announcement in sacrament meeting but apparently there were issues with getting the soon to be called in to meet with the Bishop for the official visit.

My husband had gone to PEC this morning and was able to pass on the torch (binder) of his calling to the new Ward Mission Leader.  He practically floated through the door when he came home to pick me up.  I confess to being a bit jealous.  I wanted to experience, if briefly, that same feeling of weightlessness.

Despite that minor set back though, it was a good day.  Naturally there were missing teachers and my wonderful husband graciously stepped in.  Seems like a regular occurance, especially the last two months.  I was able to do sharing time and it actually went really well.  Especially considering I put it together this morning.  But the kids did well.  They seemed to have a good time even learn something.

And of course there's always something to make you smile.  This was from the closing prayer.  (Always nice to end on a good note)

Child:  ".... and please bless us to stop making duck noises in class."

Could life be summed up any better?... I will miss that.


  1. We are officially moving on Saturday the 8th at 10:00 am. At least that's when we are telling people to come that want to help. The goal: everything boxed and labeled with directions to the room it will end up in. wish us luck!

  2. When we moved, we didn't have callings for four months. Heaven!

  3. Good luck with the move! I would even stop by to help, if it wasn't graduation weekend and we didn't have the ENTIRE world coming to visit :) Just think, you will have a weightless couple of weeks when you move into the new ward! I do love those funny moments with the little ones :)

  4. I confess, totally looking forward to being calling-less for awhile. And I never really did make the association that this was graduation weekend... hmm.

  5. quack quack...

    does it count if I'm not in your class?